Weather warning

Tuesday 15 January at 1352 | Posted in Humour, Life, Lifestyle, Personal, TV | 8 Comments

Phew. I managed to make it to the sandwich shop and back in time before the rain came pouring back down. 
I have informed you this is a blog about weather, so don’t complain afterwards.
The current weather in Malaga (south Spain) is a sunny and pleasant 17C. Warm enough to take a stroll to the beach with a light jacket on.
None of this head blowning off gales.
I did warn you it was about the weather.

I also read today that that thanks to the writers strike over in America, Gladiators made a return recently.
Apparently it did so well that it is getting a second series. (Which means it’s already doing better then some fantastic shows, Studio 60, Jericho to name a few.)

I certainly wouldn’t argue if they brought back Gladiators here in the UK. I’d certainly watch it just for Jet.
I’d love to go a few rounds with her on Hang Tough.

Lads, go check out her ‘stats.’ (SFW)

Right I’m off to see how many images Google has of Jet in her spandex bikini work.

PS I’ve been watching The [American] Office. It recently started on Paramount – and I believe will be on ITV4 soonish. I highly recommend you watch it. Most of the characters obviously aren’t as good as the UK ones, but some of the stories/scenes are very funny.
The was a scene in last nights one (the episode were Michael Scott/main boss/Gervais character injures himself) were a few characters are driving to the hospital. I kept thinking it was a little Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-esque. I might of even woken up the missus a few times.

PS it’s my birthday in a few weeks – February 12 – if you guys and gals are stuck for a present here is a tip….number 3. 😀



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  1. I keep checking the weather in Spain too! in fact, you stole some of my post 😦

    I’m not sure Jet would look so good in her Spandex now days…but Gladiator would go well just after YBF on a Saturday night!

  2. I’ve never been into muscly women with small boobaloids.

    There is no point dreaming about the weather elsewhere. The weather in the UK sucks and we’re stuck here for the moment.

  3. Pinkosa_ I think she looks better now then she did then.

    Sorry for stealing your post. Not many people read mine anyway so no one will know.
    Dom_ Jet was never one of the muscly Gladiators. She was slim and toned, but never muscly.

  4. ps. you’re a perv. and she’d beat you up

  5. Pinkosa_ No duh! What do you think the point of Hang Tough is? 😉

  6. i’d say her wrapping her legs round you to try and get you to fall off……sadly, it wouldn’t be here, it’d be some beefy guy

  7. ok – I’ve never been into well toned women with small boobaloids 😛

  8. Ooooo Gladiators. I’m telling you, the could make a fortune by charging people to go on that final course. It could tour the country! Amazing.

    I really should be in business.

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