Who wants to do me a solid?

Wednesday 16 January at 1009 | Posted in Lifestyle, London, Music, Personal, Radiohead | 13 Comments

Anyone in London want to do me a favour?

If your hanging around Bricklane at lunch do you mind queuing up at Rough Trade Shop for a few hours?

I promise there will be chances for toilet breaks and food offered out too. And when I have finished work and arrive I’ll let you go.

I will reward you handsomely. Your shout.



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  1. Your: Possesive of you. Belonging to you; of you; related to you. e.g. Your blog.

    You’re: Contraction of ‘you are’. e.g. If you’re at Brick Lane at lunch…

  2. Youre as bad as mindless

  3. Oh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. If i didn’t have to sit out in the cold all day, i’d do it for you xxx

  4. Nope, we are just perfectionists!

  5. Hey Mark,
    No hablo espanol… Una cerveza por favor?
    I’m a little out of walking distance to visit, but spank you very much for visiting my hydrant. I see a little snarkmeister in you… eggsellent.
    Must go walkslowly to the exit now.
    Ta ta

  6. mindle_ss True that.

    Craz ylad_y Mi llamo Rob, no Mark. Hablo un poco de espanol. Never mind about keeping a place in the queue, that got sorted out.

  7. A solid? What is this pomie nonsense? 😉

    Too bad I live about 16 hours in an airplane away. I guess you’ll have to get someone else to ‘do your solid’


  8. […] impromptu free Radiohead gig that I mentioned yesterday and asked someone to be me a solid for…seeing as I got no offers I went […]

  9. Thanks for the late offer Miss A. I ended up doing it myself. (Check out my new post)

  10. Con permiso ROB. Mucho gusto conocerlo. Duede usted uyudarme?
    Cuanto cuesto un cuarto con bano caliente privado?

    muchos gracias….

  11. I got a bit of that, but…..como se dice en ingles, por favor?

  12. that sounds like a great adventure, yeah..I could spot you there! and did you know I was the asian girl that was standing right there??! I’m kidding!

    Oh, I remember when I was in high school, this lady from capital record came to speak and gave us a radiohead cd, you know cd was just like such a big deal 10 years ago. hahaa!!

  13. Do you know whats weird, there was an asian girl stood on her own next to the group that I had created? I think you might of blown your cover!
    You can’t argue with a free CD. Do you still have it?

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