Answers to your search quearies.

Monday 21 January at 1552 | Posted in Feature | 5 Comments

My first attempt at trying a new blog feature,

answering your searches 

Thanks to Dom for choosing the number 3.


Search Views
fish tank smells fishy 1
person sleeping on bed 1
how can you tell if a boy likes you 1
baby bed 1
93 Feet East radiohead whose army colin 1
halloween pictures 1
sleeping people 1
radiohead 93 1
are you smarter than a 10 year old theme 1
pedestrian crossing 1

*Instead of doing a quite weekend, I’ve chose Fridays stats.

So “how can you tell if a boy likes you?” This is a common search on my blog.
A) There are a few ways to tell if a boy likes you. He may ask you out? Are you already out on a date with this boy? This may suggest he does like you.
Other ways of telling if a boy likes you. Does he look at you alot? Does he have to sit down alot in your company – or perhaps lean forwards for no reason at all when talking with you?
Have you ever thought about just asking the boy if he likes you?
I hope it all works out.

I’d just like to add, my personal favourite search is number 5. 93 Feet East radiohead whose army colin. If you haven’t already read my review of the most awsomest gig ever last Wednesday, (the free Radiohead one) Yes Colin was making fun of the audience which lead to putting Thom off his “serious moment.” Promise. Go check out the youtube videos, about 1 minute 5 seconds in.



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  1. I remember the first date we went on. You kept going quiet and staring and then you started talking about having sweaty hands.
    You said i made you nervous becasue i was so pretty.
    That worked 😉

  2. Oh how sweeeet pjb!

  3. Ok, there is that aswell.

  4. Don’t forget he has his tongue in your ear. DEAD giveaway… so you and pinkjellybean have a little some’in some’in going on? Saw-weet!

  5. Crazylady, thats a dead giveaway too. Something you’ve learnt from experience?
    (Yes me and Pinkjellybean do have a little some’in some’in, you could say.)

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