Slow day

Monday 21 January at 1437 | Posted in Humour, Lifestyle | 7 Comments

Ok it’s a bit of a slow day today, I did have something I wanted to write about. I think it was somethign to do with sticks or perhaps plastic cups. It was something like that.

Instead I’l have a go at implementing a new idea in to my blog. Basically I’ll check out my top searches, ie search engine results that have sent people here, get one of you lovely guys or gals to pick a number. And which ever search that number correspondes with I’ll try and help out that person with their search/problem.


Just pick a damn number…(and so everyone can have a go, the same person cannot go twice in a row.)

First person to shout out wins.



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  1. 3

  2. Good number. (I just realised re-reading it I didnt give any limits to the what number could of been picked, phew).

  3. Lol. After that, I’d like 7 please.

    And o my god I’ve just seen the terms people have searched on to get to my site. Eek. People are weird.

  4. i’d like to know about sticks please

  5. 5

  6. […] Thanks to Dom for choosing the number 3. […]

  7. You cant keep guessing. You’ll have to wait till next week now (although Cat, I did answer your requested number, although it was before I read this and just a coincidence.)

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