My top 5 discontinued* products

Tuesday 22 January at 1113 | Posted in Humour, Lifestyle, Personal | 34 Comments

5) Lets start with Start. The one thing that stuck out about Start, if I remembered, was the box was much smaller then the regular sized cereal boxes. It was like it was a league of its own. Possibly even some sort of “special-high energy” cereal. I was never allowed it much as a kid. This often fueled the mystery around it. Although most kids would be able to tell you all Start was, was just three Honey Nut Loops joined together.
To me it was more.
And as some keen eyers out there may of spotted, the above box – from the Kellogs site – has those really helpful nutrition guides on the box, so they must be out there.

4) TaB Clear. This is a slight cheat. I never really liked TaB Clear much. I tried it a few times, but it never tasted like cola. But that was only half of the TaB Clear equation. The major selling point of TaB Clear was that it was a see-through cola. This was pretty crazy in the fizzy pop World and as any kid would tell you, cola is brown. To get a see through cola was frickin weird.

3) Weighed bag of sweets. The grand father of pick’n’mix. All corner shops I remember as a kid had shelves full of different types of sweet. You could buy any amount of any sweet. 50p of Pear Drops. Or perhaps 70p of Cola Pips. Alot of the time me and my friends would have to route through all the shelves and large jars of sweets to find the sweet we wanted that day. Sometimes you’d have a sweet in mind and spend 10 minutes moving about the shopkeepers neatly stocked jars just to find Midget Gems.
My favourites were Jelly Beans and Bon-Bons.
Of course these sweets are around, but now they can only be found in cinemas and at prices about 4 times as much as they used to be.
Just not the same.

2) Cheetos. Ok, they are just Wotsits. But they they taste far nicer. I remember the first time I had Cheetos, it was for winning the Pepsi Vs Cola Challenge. (I don’t remember this day for the prize, don’t think I obsess over Cheetos. I just don’t win many competitions, when I do it’s remembered. Also Pepsi tastes nicer, so it was pretty easy.)
When over in Spain last year they had these crisps everywhere. I think I must of gone through two large packets everyday. Just sitting by the pool with my queso crumb covered fingers. What a great time that was!

1) Ricicles. These were some of my all time favourite cereals. They were like a Frosties version of Rice Crispies.
Yes there was that one time they added the marshmallow men, ufos and creatures to the cereal but that didn’t work out. I did try and eat the marshmallow shapes a few times, but ended up picking them out of my bowl.
A couple of times when we have been shopping I have told the missus about my love for Ricicles and often searched them out. She thought I was going insane a few times.
Another photo of a cereal box with those really helpful nutrition guides on the box, so they must be out there. Somewhere.

Special mention: Branston pickle. Ok technically I shouldn’t include this as this product has not been discontinued. Actually you can still get Branston Pickle EVERYWHERE! Fact.
But I had a jar full of it the other day and it’s gone pretty fast. I was pretty shocked as I was just starting to perfect my pickle:cheese ratio.

* although I say discontinued, I understand that some products just may not be sold in this country/shop near where I live. This is more a ‘top 5 I cant find products’ list.



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  1. for number 3 may I suggest A Quarter Of. Just remember its 1/4kg not 1/4lbs and £50 of sweets takes a while to consume 🙂

  2. Thats the kind of sweet store that I miss.

  3. oh oh oh oh i was only saying last week that i wanted some Start….. i wonder if we shop in the wrong supermarket…

  4. There is a sweet shop like that in Cromer. I go to it regularly 😀

  5. Pinkosa_ We must be.

    Dom_ Lucky you. The last time I seen a shop that had those kind of sweets was about 3 years ago in Liverpool near where I worked. And even then they only had about 6 different types of sweet.

  6. Ewwww ricicles. Never been a fan.
    Also, VERY jealous. I want to try tab clear. The concept is fantasticles.

  7. OMG! The blogs are on fire with FANTASTIC posts today!!!

    Boy, some brilliant stuff there! I forgot just how super Start and Tab Clear were! My dad used to buy both of those.

    The best measured sweets were the little pink mushrooms (Dom, Pinky do you like them?) and the aniseed balls and the pineapple chunks and the chewy lips and the little white chocolate buttons with sprinkles on them….

    and cola cubes

    and any chewy sweet that was sour and made you mouth go “ughooom”

  8. I don’t like the little pink mushrooms….even though they are little and pink which is a good combination

  9. I second you on those random jars of sweets. The days I found a shop that had whole jars of cola bottles…arghhhh.

    Also Boosts. The original ones before they got all bastardized with biscuits in them.

  10. Olly – Check out a Starbar. It’s the same as the old Boosts (in the red wrappers).

  11. Mmmmmmmmm ricicles.

    I love them.

    I also miss Gold Bars, which I only find occassionally in Lidl.

  12. Boy Tab concept is great, but it doesn’t all go to plan.

    Soupster, thanks for the good words. If you find any Start make sure to hoof some my way.

    Olly, you could never be disappointed with a quarter of your favourite jelly sweets.

    Soupster, do you really think Starbars are exBoosts? I enjoy Starbars but never noticed the similarities. (Also I never knew Boosts had changed)

    Jo MMmmmmm Ricicles indeed. Did you ever try them with the marshmallow shapes? Aren’t Gold Bars just like cheap Clubs?

  13. Boy, if you didn’t notice that Boosts had changed, how did you know what they were like before so that you can comment that you haven’t noticed a similarity with Starbars?

    Think about it.

  14. Because I used to eat Boosts a few years back. But have stopped.
    Olly has said they have changed, which I hadnt noticed as I havent had them in a while.
    But I have recently started eating Starbars but hadnt noticed the similar taste to the old Boost (as it has been so long since I had a Boost, but Boost have changed without me knowing.)
    I think for my lunch I’ll try a Boost and see what the new taste is like.

  15. i found this hilarious because besides Cheetos, I had no clue what all of these things are!! why are our confectionary and breakfast items so different, one may yonder.

  16. The new Boosts are a shadow of the old ones

  17. Miss A, I havent a clue. I’d like to try and test out some Aussie sweets though.
    I got a shock when I found out that Woolworths over at the other side of the World is a supermarket, rather then a hobby/games store like it is here. To me, getting bananas and beans from Woolworths would be like being in Bizarro World.
    Soupster I went to get a Boost today. But that warning on the front saying Charged with Glucose (or something) in green makes me thing theyve added some sort of vegetable in to the bar. (this probably stems from that Guarana Boost bar that had fruit in it. Thats just stupid.

  18. Actually Soupster, Wikipedia does state that Boost was rebranded as Starbars and Boost Biscuits turned in to Boosts. So your hunch was very in tune there. Kudos.

  19. 🙂

    Boy, do you ever do any work?

  20. Right, I’m sending my mum a request for 50 Starbars (ridiculous name, but whatever)!

  21. Do you get the hot cheetos in UK? I don’t remember seeing it there, oh my god, I was looking for it in Tesco, I didn’t find it. But I miss those small packaged cookie rings, they were like mini crisp, really good!

  22. Olly – Hope you enjoy your Starbars. Unfortunately they dont come in Lemon Zest, Cashew Nut or Parrot flavoured like most of your favourite Japanese sweets.
    Corp Lady We don’t get any Cheetos here in the UK. I don’t remember seeing any “Hot flavoured” ones in Spain. Just “Queso” flavour.
    Small cookie rings? Hula Hoops? Party Rings? Not too sure which you mean?

  23. somebody needs to update!! *aheeeeemmmmmmmm!

  24. Oh yes – they were the hula hoops…oh my god, I must remind my mate to bring me some..I fucking love those…I can’t find them here! When I was a staff member at a summer camp in UK, this fucking kid knew I was salivating over his crisp, and he was like teasing me and not sharing any, he made those noise, I wanted to kick his little wanker arseeeeeee….

    I thought if I had done it, I would get evicted back to the US shortly, not worth it over hula hoops.

  25. Yeah I really need to…but I am out of topics at the moment Corp Lady.
    But if you ever need Hula Hoops (I recommend the ridged ones “Ribbed for your pleasure.” Not the actual slogan, but it should be) then give me a shout an I’ll try and pass some your way.
    Maybe we could start trading Hula Hoops for Cheetos 😉 ha

  26. that sounds wonderful! I’ll send you the best kind of cheetossssss!!!

    talk about how what the British people think about American politics, and how they are reacting to a woman running for president, that’d be cool.

  27. I’m sorry to say I’ve already discussed that subject on an earlier blog, althoguh I’m not sure if I was speaking for all 55 million Brits when I spoke.
    But don’t worry, I’ve been trying to think up a good post for the last 24 hours… yet I have nothing.

  28. I have a local sweet store that still does the weighing – they have a whole wall of containered sweets and you just grab the ones you want, weigh them and pay <— secret to the meaning of life.

  29. Dune you may soon be in high demand if you keep letting it be known you live near a shop with these sweets in.

    Can you get Jelly Beans?

  30. you cant get ricicles anymore??

  31. sgt, unless you know of a secret corner shop that stil is selling them? If so, please tell)

  32. I moved from the UK about 4 years ago and for some reason, I just really fancied a bowl of Ricicles.

    Much searching and then a visit to Kellog’s Australia website revealed they are not sold in Australia!!! Grrrr…. I miss you Ricicle Boy!

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  34. I’ve had Ricicles for breakfast for 60 years but they have become a silly price now, soooooo expensive 😦

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