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Thursday 31 January at 1407 | Posted in Humour, Life, Personal, Rants, Sandwiches, Work | 14 Comments

The BBC website’s main story is about the awful weather. I wasn’t sure or not whether to chance the weather and make a dash for my regular sandwich shop?

The weather outside didn’t seem to bad. (This photo was to highlight the flags blowing in the wind.)

There is always the chance that if the weather did calm down and I did risk going to the regular sandwich shop that everything could turn bad on my way back to work and I could get caught in a downpour.

A fallen sign
Rain on floor

If all of that was to happen I would have to then spend the rest of the day sat at my desk in soaking wet pants.
I can always hope that my natural body heat dries the pants.



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  1. I’ve come to realize that we sometimes need the bad weather to appreciate the warm ray from the sunlight. But I agree with you the weather has away to control our food choices.

  2. The weather made me get pasta from the Sandwich Man and now i feel sick.

    Booooooo to the weather

  3. Mabarbot I wouldn’t say control, more like punishing us for making the wrong choice.

    Pinkosa, What happened to cereal?

  4. It’s 2.30pm in central London. No crazy rain, no crazy winds.

    I thought it seemed a little chilly this morning… but that is all…

  5. Soupster, it’s been really windy over here in Nestlé Country ALL day. Just howling winds coming from every where in this office block.
    Then there was a mad really heavy downpour over an hour or so and it’s gone really still and quiet now. Very strange indeed.

  6. It was pissing it down here a while ago Soupy.

    I didn’t have any milk for cereal

  7. So that’s how you wet your pants.

    So I tagged you. First I’m a friend and now I’m barking out orders. Visit me.

  8. Umn, keep spare pants at work? or would that maybe give a wrong impression…

  9. Crazy thats my first tag in a long time. I was starting to make an issue of not being tagged.

    LG do you keep spare pants at work?

  10. Oh, well I missed all that lunatic weather. Must have been too absorbed in my work… or blogs… or something.

    And I have a spare pair of pants and a spare bra at work…

  11. Abosrbed in work? haha 😀 you little jester you!
    I dont even want to know what kind of situation you expect to find yourself in to take spare pants and bra!
    Ps are you talking about trouser-pants or underpants?

  12. underpants of course… I’m not american and neither are you!

  13. Strange. All is sunny over in West London. Blue skies, few well meaning clouds…even popped out in just a jumper a minute ago.

    Definitely not time to dans les hatches etc

  14. Soupster, I have to admit, I do use ‘pants’ for both trouser-pants and underpants. Trousers has always seemed a bit weird to me.
    Have you ever needed to use your spare underwear?

    Jo Who’d of thought their could be such difference in weather conditions between Nestle Country and London? (also this post is 24 hours old now by the way)

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