Broken promise

Monday 11 February at 1151 | Posted in Lifestyle, Personal | 4 Comments

Okay, I know I said I was going to mirror this blog along with my blogger one, but I can’t be bothered.
Yes I know all it takes is a quick click of ctrl+C followed by ctrl+V, but I just can’t be bothered.

So I won’t be updating this blog for a while. That time might be forever or until the near future. But I’d like it if you updated your bookmarks or feeders with the following,

<p><a href=””><img src=”” width=”104″ height=”17″ style=”border:0″ alt=”Add to Google Reader or Homepage”/></a></p>

At this point I would of liked to have included simple buttons for you to click to add my new blog to your feeder list but I can’t. WordPress will not let me include simple embedded code in to my blog and this is the main reason why I’ve chosen a different platform.
If you click the above link you will see huge big buttons for you to press to update your feeders there.


Taking a break

Thursday 07 February at 1043 | Posted in Personal | 2 Comments

About a year or two ago I moved blogging platforms due to that particular site undergoing some changes and making everything worse.

I tried out about 5 or 6 different blog sites, including Blogger, Livejournal and of course here.

Although Blogger is a Google site and I do have a lot of respect for what Google generally does, I felt their blogging platform was no where near as good as wordpress.

Roll on a dozen months and Blogger has changed quite a lot. It has become more open to developers and creativity then is. (I’m looking at you EMBEDDED code)

So for the next few weeks I’m taking a little adventure over to blogger to see if I like how it works?
I’ll probably mirror all of the posts here and there, but just to help push the new platform I might post there a few hours/days earlier then here.

So if you would like to catch tomorrow posts today have a little look at…

The (temporary?) Boy Who Likes To,
yes I am sticking with the brand name.

I spy with my little eye

Tuesday 05 February at 1100 | Posted in Blogroll, Lifestyle, Personal | 9 Comments

I have just recently found out how I can tell how many people are using certain Aggregators to read my blog.

This is mainly for those who like to know blog stats and numbers.

Unfortunately there isn’t one single place you can go to to get all the feed numbers for your site, you have to visit each aggregator and get the numbers one by one.

The two major web ones at present are Bloglines and my personnel favourite Google Reader, and both have easy ways of being able to tell how many people are using their own web application.

Both are pretty straight forward, although I think for the Google one you NEED a Google account.

For Bloglines, you just head over to their website, change the search type to “Search for Feeds,” enter in the first part of your blog name, ie ‘theboywholikesto’ and hit search and voila…

4 subscribers via Bloglines.

If you have a Google account you just need to head over to Google Reader, I don’t think it matters whether you have set up a Google Reader account, I think Google automatically set it up for you once you have a Google account.
To find out how many readers are using Google Reader all you have to do is click on “Add Subscription” again type in the first part of your blog name, ie ‘theboywholikesto’ and hey presto!

17 subscribers via Google Reader.

There we have it.
Obviously this is just two aggregators out of hundreds of different ones like I say. It’s just the two major web ones.

Of course you can also type in the name of your friends blogs and check out your stats compared to theres and see who is most popular out of all your friends.

For example I can tell that Olly over at Electric Pig has 5 subscribers via Google Reader. Which I think is a mighty shame as Olly is one of the blogs I have regularly read over the last, coming up to 5 years now, and his adventures in Japan have been pretty awesome. As well as his updated when necessary features about the wonderful and strange tastes of Japanese chocolates and McDonalds.
If you like gorgeous photos of foreign lands I highly recommend you check out Electric Pig.

Unfortunately Google or Bloglines don’t tell you whois RSSing you though. That you’ll have to guess.

From the department of…

Monday 04 February at 1047 | Posted in Humour, Lifestyle | 10 Comments

…saying what you’re all thinking.

Fish flavoured bread! Really?

Added bonus, nice review.

(My personal theory is; is that in a few years the scientists of Political Correctness Gone Mad University will deem Omega 3 to be highly unhealthy and millions of lawsuits will fly at every brand carrying Omega 3.)

Office work space

Saturday 02 February at 1300 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, Personal, Work | 5 Comments

Some photos of my office work space.

The World seems so peaceful in the morning. Continue Reading Office work space…

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