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Monday 04 February at 1047 | Posted in Humour, Lifestyle | 10 Comments

…saying what you’re all thinking.

Fish flavoured bread! Really?

Added bonus, nice review.

(My personal theory is; is that in a few years the scientists of Political Correctness Gone Mad University will deem Omega 3 to be highly unhealthy and millions of lawsuits will fly at every brand carrying Omega 3.)



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  1. Forget Omega 3, I’m more concerned about the racist filth you’re pushing on us. Are you somehow implying that white bread is superior to bread of African origin? Not to mention the royalist name.

    Got to love the PC bandwagon, it’s so easy to take the piss out of 🙂

  2. Dom, I think it goes without saying that white bread is much tastier then brown bread.
    Its a well known FACT the packaging of brown bread tastes nicer then brown bread itself.

  3. I eat that 50-50 with omega 3 stuff… It’s £1.20 for a loaf in my local Sainsburys. Which is weird as the 50-50 stuff WITHOUT omega 3 is £1.22! Does that pricing seem odd to you?

  4. You’re so stealing all our conversations for your blog! 😉

  5. Soupster, it is possible that it’s cheaper to make bread with fish then it is to use dough.

    Pinkosa, I try out my material on you, if you laugh then it gets a wider audience. Hadn’t you noticed my blogs repeat stuff I say to you?

  6. cheater 😛

  7. Ewwww Fish. Also totally with you on the white bread vs. brown bread. Hmmmmmm bread.

    So hungry!

  8. Hmmm, all this time you’ve been going to Sandwich shops have you really been getting sandwiches made on white bread!? Wow…

  9. Boy – Fish aint that bad. I have fish finger sandwiches. But fish flavoured bread yikes!

    Olly – Yep Olly, on white bread. It’s quite hard to find shops these days who still have white bread. Quite a few sandwich shops have only nutri-grain/healthy bread. It’s quite disturbing stuff really.

  10. My boyfriend loves Start, they brought it back for a while and he stocked up! Cheetos were yummy, that stinky whiff of cheese and the way it left your hands/teeth/face all yellow…good memories!

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