Taking a break

Thursday 07 February at 1043 | Posted in Personal | 2 Comments

About a year or two ago I moved blogging platforms due to that particular site undergoing some changes and making everything worse.

I tried out about 5 or 6 different blog sites, including Blogger, Livejournal and of course here.

Although Blogger is a Google site and I do have a lot of respect for what Google generally does, I felt their blogging platform was no where near as good as wordpress.

Roll on a dozen months and Blogger has changed quite a lot. It has become more open to developers and creativity then wordpress.com is. (I’m looking at you EMBEDDED code)

So for the next few weeks I’m taking a little adventure over to blogger to see if I like how it works?
I’ll probably mirror all of the posts here and there, but just to help push the new platform I might post there a few hours/days earlier then here.

So if you would like to catch tomorrow posts today have a little look at…

The (temporary?) Boy Who Likes To,
yes I am sticking with the brand name.



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  1. How are you finding blogger?. I used to be over there but i ended it not long ago. It might be easier for you to have blogger whilst in spain huh as maybe wordpress might take a long time to upload?.
    Anyhoo. hows you?

  2. Blogger is going quite well. I’ve been able to modify CSS code to improve the blog without having to have major knowledge in CSS.
    I think I need to tidy up the look of the blog a bit, but thats about it.
    My only MAJOR (and its a hige gripe) is that WordPress.com doesnt allow embedded code. Which I think is stupid these days.
    What did you find wrong with it?

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