The next time…

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The BBC website’s main story is about the awful weather. I wasn’t sure or not whether to chance the weather and make a dash for my regular sandwich shop? Continue Reading The next time……


The Sandwich

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“Or How to make halfs seem filling.”

So I have found my favourite sandwich shop to visit on my lunch. It’s a nice shop with a lot of selection. Not too much. Just that perfect amount of selection that doesn’t fry my brain, allows me to take in all the different choices and I think my sandwich selection rotation has upped from three different fillings to a rota of five.

All good.

The problem is it is a little far away. Two-thirds of my lunch is spent walking to and from the deli shop. Another slight problem I have is the cost. It just seems to be random prices I get. This may be because I ask for strange fillings (ie chicken mayo with cheese & salad, or cream cheese, egg mayo and tomato).

B ut the other day I thought I had hit on a winner. I got a ham, cheese and mayo roll. It was cheap, less then £2. Then when I started eating my first half I noticed that they had put in a lot of filling. This was a very full and filling sandwich. I was rather surprised at the low price.
So I eagerly tucked in to the second half of the roll and was immediately shocked to notice that it had hardly anything in. A small piece of cheese and a slice of ham. But mostly just butter and mayo.

This hasn’t put me off visiting this sandwich shop. It’s still my favoured deli.

But you can’t judge a sandwich after only eating half of it. 

Nice help

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Or “The feeling you have when you resolve important things fast.”

I know I was going to make a post about underwear, but I received an email yesterday that trumps the underwear post. I will get round to that though.

When I went for the interview for my new job I was asked to give references. I got a call from the agency later that day asking for a character reference. After speaking with my mum for a bit for someone who fits the description I handed over some details the agency could call to get a character reference for me. This happened to be my aunt.
My mum sent me a copy of the reference to me so I could see what had been written.

How / in what capacity is the individual known to you?
My stupid sister’s idiotic son.

How long has the individual been known to you?
Far too long.

Please outline areas of:

Robert is able to lift a pint glass from the bar, he also has the ability to be the first at the buffet table even when not yet opened.
Robert tends to abuse company trust, he will access the internet in work time, he will also post unclassified [sic] information onto youtube.
Please provide brief comments regarding character, including the individual’s honesty and integrity:
Robert has no honesty or intergrity, he tends to blame his faults on the person sitting next to him and then hopes they will get the sack and not him.
Are you aware of any reason why this individual might not be suitable for employment?
For all reasons under the sun you should steer cleer of this lying deceitful selfish person, who is not fit for any jobs even if it entails emptying your trash can.
Any additional information:
Robert will only work if the job entails to go on the internet, you tube and have a pint in in his hand, but please can relay this application as a good one to Robert as I want him to babysit for me next week.

As far as I know I still have a job, perhaps the agency have not looked at the reference.

In other great news. I have found three potential deli sandwich shops. The hard part of the new job is over. Finding a good sandwich shop is something that has taken me up to a few months in some jobs. Lucky for me I have found three potential sandwich shops all on one street on day one.
I’ll have more on these later.

One more thing, while looking around for sandwich shops I came across a pub that has a fantastic competion. Nope not kareoke. But table top football.
During 21st October to 26th there is a table top football (or foosball) tournement. I think I have a chance. A few years back, one office I was working in had a foosball table in the canteen and for about 2 years I played foosball nearly every break.
Any people fancying taking part or even wanting to be my cheerleaders, then youll need to go to the Tom Foolery Pub in Bromley on those dates. Look it up on yell if you don’t know where it is.
Wish me luck!

The new beginning

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Or “Don’t you hate it when you find what you want under your nose but then dont like it.”

So I had my first day at my new job. First impression’s aren’t good. This job looks like it offers no such hope of job satisfaction. (If there is any it’s pretty hard to find) But in respect that I have plans to be out of the country within months I suppose the job is ok to see me over.
Bonus points for the job are complete lack of any responsibilty, it is within 15 minutes bus journey of where I live and although the pay is lower the cost of travel is much much lower so it works out I will probably have more money after bills here.
Although I do have another job interview on Friday and despite being in the city and meaning I have to spend four times as much travel as my current job I may put a bit of hop in my step when I go for the interview. Fingers crossed the office atmosphere is better and the job looks a little mroe challenging.

Although there are some downsides to the new job. Finding a new sandwich shop. This could take a while as the town the job is in (Bromley) is the place where me and the missus go to do almost all are shopping and I havent seen a good sandwich shop since being here. Although I haven’t looked.
And secondly, all the podcasts I regualarly download and listen to on the way to work will now cause some problems. This is because the podcasts last anything from 20 to 40 minutes, which is of course more then the time it takes fo me to get to work.

Anyway thats me, and this next bit is just so I remember what to type in tomorrows (or my next) blog: underwear

Some people say I have two…

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…and other updates.

Here are some nice photos of today.

A lovely morning at the river.

Like many, I’m heading to work. When will “Its too nice to work” day off’s be introduced?

I’ve also updated photos on The Line and May Day Riots’s.

And a funny photo I found in my phone.

The house that Cards built.
This was spotted in a club me and Pinkosa were at the other week.

Speaking of clubs I have found my next favourite party. Every party changes location and is held in a secret location. You can only go if you have an invite – or a really cool badge. This appears to be the place were all the cool kids go. And I’m not even cool. How did I get an invite. I thought my email address was on the “Cool Offender Registrar.”
Anyways check it out. Perhaps I’ll see you there?

I do have a minor rant to end with. Is it accepted to eavesdrop on public transport? The other day on my way home with Pinkosa and Danny Cool the lady behind us began to laugh as I discussed my favourite and heated of subjects….the sandwich. Obviously she thought it would be ok to listen in and enjoy my rant.
Although Pinkosa would comment that at my volume the whole train could probably hear me. And then it would be called eavesdropping….but instead noise pollution.

So what did happen on my Birthday

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Well for all those wanting to know the details – and see the photos of the cookies – this is what happened on my birthday.

Well first my present’s I got many. Lots and lots. Thanks Pinkosa. I got loads of DVD’s, really lookign forward to watching the Pink Panther box set.
I got the Magic Numbers CD which Im listening to at the moment.
Some clothes, including a nice green tie. I did also get a red tank top to go with my other tank tops but I dont yet have anything else red to wear it with to work. So thats more of a casual tank top for the time being.

Also, the shoes I told you about a long time ago and the same ones I previewed yesterday, well here is another photo of them.
I keep commenting on them about their pointyness. That they could kick through time. I could hoof 3.36pm to 4.24 in a single step. Thats just how pointy they are. They look much much more pointier in person. But I’d becareful as if I slipped I could kick you in to 10 minutes before you arrived or 10 minutes after you left.

I also got som lovely cookies. Seen here

Technically they are a Valentines Day gift. But I wish I could tell you how tasty they are.
They are just yummy.
Infact on my way back home for the weekend I only wanted to take one cookie home to give to my neice. This upset my mum. Although Pinkosa has saved me by offering to cook more. I wonder if she remembered?

I also enjoyed a few nice meals. But no deserts which got me on the bad side of Pinkosa. But this was down to time.

I also enjoyed quite alot of alcohol. This didnt go down well with my friend on his first night out in a while when I said I felt like going home at 1030. I am very light weight and need to start getting out more.
My excuse was I had started about 3 hours before him, so he shouldnt be so mean.

All in all it was nice quite relaxing birthday that I enjoyed.

Although I have just noticed that the soles on my shoes appear to want to wear off quite quick, I hope resole-ing doesnt cost too much. Other wise these pointy shoes will make a little rip in my pocket. Eeeeeee

Who’d of thought it would taste like this?

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There are alot of things in this World that I do not like. Some of those things I haven’t even tried.

The boy who likes change.

I hate marmiteWhat is it about certain products, items, people that without evening knowing them, tasting or seeing them you’ll know you won’t like?
For instance I’ve always thought that I would not like Marmite, Dr Pepper or Philadelphia. I’ve never tried these products, but I know that I wouldn’t want to try them as I know I wouldn’t like them.

After finding out the website for my old favourite sandwich shop, I went in to my current favourite bagel shop and asked for an old favourite bagel. This wasn’t on the new shops menu but they were happy to make this bagel for me. For those interested it goes mayo, soft cheese, turkey and salad. As much or as little of each as you want.
So after trying this old favourite in the new place I thought that this was a very tasty sandwich and on a recent visit to the supermarket for my Big Shop I picked up bagels and ingredients for this bagel sandwich.
Except I didnt know what cream cheese was. I looked on google and “cream cheese” brought up Philadelphia and some other spreadable cheeses. But I wasn’t sure about this as I had always hated Philadelphia and my bagel sandwich was nice.
I thought maybe cream cheese was cottage cheese. Cream and cottage both start with C. Therefor that must be right.
So on my shop I bought both, just to be safe. When I got home I made a bagel with half and half of Philadelphia and cottage cheese and you know what? I really like Philadelphia. After all this time. And not only do I like it, I really really enjoy it’s taste.
So this morning, after much making of bagels, including being able to avoid getting tomato, mayo or soft cheese on my white shirt/tie, I had two very tasty bagels for breakfast this morning.

Who’d of thought?

I’m still not trying marmite or Dr Pepper though. No way!

 So what do you hate without giving a chance to?

What is your favourite sandwich filling?

Damn it man. I’m hungry can’t you see?

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Well I’ve sacrificed breakfast. This could be the stupidest move I’ve made all week.

The boy who hates missing a meal.

InThe quest for the best sandwich my search of the Holy Grail, here on after referred to a decent sandwich shop for dinner, I’ve been tipped off. I was infact tipped off prior to Christmas about two “good sanwich” shops in town. But due to Christmas shopping I avoided town like the plague.  But now it’s all quitened down I’ve tried them out.
Now I know you may be thinking “Boy, why do you still continue your search despite being there for only a few weeks?”
Well I’m a bit stubborn when it comes to stuff like this.
So the sandwich shop I went to yesterday. Its on the far side of town. But they have a large selection of average, but still tasty, sandwiches at a very good price. £.175. And they have fruit for an extra 30p. Which isn’t too far over my £2 limit.
But the second sandwich shop I was tipped off about is a little fancier. They are the kind of shop that offer different varities of bread, cheese and range of different hams. In other words they are expensive. So expensive that I could get two sandwiches from the first shop for the same cost of a sandwich at this place.
In order to to go over my daily budget I’ve decided to skip breakfast and use the extra money to fund my dinner sandwich.
But now I’m really really hungry. And tired. I don’t know if the two are linked, but I could easily of got rid of one of these problems had I had my morning meal.

I’ve been thinking of an equation to work out if a sandwich shop is in fact worth its trouble. It goes a little like this:

X=     DxE      

X is how good the shop is
D is distance from work
E is ease of getting to shop(taking in to account weather and public)
N is how nice the sandwich is
V is the variety os sandwiches available
and C is the cost of the sandwich

So there we have it. A simple equation for all to use.

And I’ll let you know which of the two sandwich shops has The X Factor after my dinner today.

I just hope that this second sandwich shop is tasty enough to make up for me missing my breakfast.

PS If you are ever visiting Liverpool I highly recomment Bagels Ltd sandwich store. A “New York style deli.” Best range of sandwiches, very very filling – these sandwiches are the height of your palm and bigger and cheap. Very very cheap. Its on Lord Street and a few minutes walk from the Albert Dock. Try the 5th Avenue Traffic Jam. Its the greatest sandwich I have ever tasted.
If you feel up to the task they have a New York Skyscraper which has three layers. Only for “Real Men” that one. I never tred it.

If you forget these details just email me next time you go Liverpool asking about “That Sandwich Shop” and I’ll let you know.

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