Weather warning

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Phew. I managed to make it to the sandwich shop and back in time before the rain came pouring back down. 
I have informed you this is a blog about weather, so don’t complain afterwards.
The current weather in Malaga (south Spain) is a sunny and pleasant 17C. Warm enough to take a stroll to the beach with a light jacket on.
None of this head blowning off gales.
I did warn you it was about the weather.

I also read today that that thanks to the writers strike over in America, Gladiators made a return recently.
Apparently it did so well that it is getting a second series. (Which means it’s already doing better then some fantastic shows, Studio 60, Jericho to name a few.)

I certainly wouldn’t argue if they brought back Gladiators here in the UK. I’d certainly watch it just for Jet.
I’d love to go a few rounds with her on Hang Tough.

Lads, go check out her ‘stats.’ (SFW)

Right I’m off to see how many images Google has of Jet in her spandex bikini work.

PS I’ve been watching The [American] Office. It recently started on Paramount – and I believe will be on ITV4 soonish. I highly recommend you watch it. Most of the characters obviously aren’t as good as the UK ones, but some of the stories/scenes are very funny.
The was a scene in last nights one (the episode were Michael Scott/main boss/Gervais character injures himself) were a few characters are driving to the hospital. I kept thinking it was a little Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-esque. I might of even woken up the missus a few times.

PS it’s my birthday in a few weeks – February 12 – if you guys and gals are stuck for a present here is a tip….number 3. 😀


More on The Sunset Strip

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I’m thinking of turning Friday’s in a weekly rant about why the frick would NBC want to cancel Studio 60?

It’s just. So. Damn. Good.

Those fools.

Although I have to say, why would a (comedy)drama series have a “To Be Continued…” storyline? It’s a series. It’s always “To Be Continued…”

I can understand why some situation comedys or situation dramas would have “To Be Continued…” storylines. But not a series. I wouldn’t expect Hollyoaks to have this kind of ending.

But this doesn’t take away from the fact Studio 60 is fantastic. And should be recommisioned. But why have a “To Be Continued…” storyline?

 To Be Continued…

Giving up the day job

Wednesday 22 August at 1413 | Posted in Life, Personal, TV, Work | 5 Comments

Work have implented an excersie were people can go and “shadow” other employees that work in different departments to get a feel, idea or just some experience in which ever department’s are on offer.

Last Friday I headed up North to Northampton for their annual balloon festival.

It also give me a chance to see what the news teams get up to when they are reporting away from home.

It was a good day out. And although I was a little sad to find out that the balloons only take off early morning or early evening I still got a little hot air action before jumping on the train back home.

Here are some of my highlights.

Although I didn’t get chance to ride a balloon, (actually I almost did) at the beginning of the day one did nearly fall on top of me which was a bit scary.

I also got chance to see the weather reports being done. Although there was more animal talk then weather reporting.
I was very impressed by one member of public who was given the biggest hen EVER to hold and didn’t freak out.

They did have a few celebrities about. Like Chesney Hawkes and Christopher “Kajagoogoo” Hamill (famed for singing “Too Shy“)

Balloons did eventually get to take off. I did get to see a few, but I had to rush to get home at a reasonable hour.

I had a good day out. But I didn’t really learn much about what happens with the news. Although I did give it a go at being a newsreader before I left.

Should I give up the day job?

To see the whole slide show clicky here.

Where is my soapbox?

Friday 27 July at 1030 | Posted in Rants, TV | 12 Comments

Online petitions. Do they work? Has anyone ever known anything to of been changed through an online petiton?

Last night I watched the first episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on More4. For those that don’t know, Studio 60 is a satire drama based behind the scenes of an American sketch comedy show.
The show is created by the same guy who brought us The West Wing.
The first episode was well written, funny and great to watch. A little fast, but that’s what is expected from the guy who brought us West Wing and Sports Night. It has great potential to be a fantastic show.
In America it was met by critical acclaim, had the most online attention and one of the highly anticipated picks of NBC’s schedule. It was nominated for a host of awards including Emmys and Golden Globes.
Unfortunately the public didn’t get it. It’s ratings in America declined with each episode. Rumours spread that the show was going to be cancelled after it’s episodes kept getting taken off air for other shows.
As of yesterday it’s website had a notice stating the last episode would be it’s finale.

I don’t know how much I would be able to get hooked on something I know is going to end after one series. Alot of shows I watch have runs for many series. Hopefully the thought that “this is all I’m getting,” won’t put me off watching it.

If you missed it you can catch a repeat on More4 on Sunday at 11.05pm.
It is normally shown on Thursday’s at 11pm.

Once you’ve watched it I’m sure you’ll put some faith in online petitions and go and sign this to get NBC to change their desicion.

A few things to watch out for.

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A few things you should at to your TV planner.

BBC have a few news things up there sleves.
First they have bought the rights to the first two series of Heros. Everyone should know about Heros, unless you’ve been in a coma for the last few months. Yes I know that not even series one has been shown but thats up soon. But series one should be out soon. One source says July another says Autumn.
Secondly they are making a new show called Outcasts. Made by the same production company that brought you Life on Mars but written by the writer from Spooks, this could be hit or miss.
The future of the Earth looks bad and the race is on to find a new home in the Universe. A group of social misfits and brainy criminals are sent out to build the conditions of new life.

Sky One has Noel Edmonds hosting a new quiz show that I reckon could be a hit – or at least alot of fun – called “Are You Smarter Then a 10 Year Old?” Seems pretty simple enough. I’m sure there will be some sort of twist, but I reckon having a few friends/family around to shout out answers could lead to alot of ribbing for any wrongly answered questions.

In the US – which means we will have it in about 4 years – Kelsey Grammer makes a come back. After watching alot of Fraiser on Paramount with the missus recently I will keep an eye of his new show called “Back To You.” An achor man has an on air melt down and moves back home. Could be like a smart version of Anchor Man.
Sarah Connor Chronicles is a series based on the female character from the Terminator movies. This is expected to be very massive budget show. The pilot alone cost about £4 million.
A few more Sex and the City type shows are out. Lipstick Jungle, from the creator of Sex and the City and Cashmere Mafia, staring Lucy Liu, will both be fighting for the same audience.
And one of my favourite ideas for a show coming soon to the US is Journeyman. A reporter and ex gambling addict travels back in time inexplicable to change people’s lifes. It’s good to see some thought has gone in to this show. (I doubt it will be anywhere near as good as the fantastic Quantum Leap – which is being re-reun far too early on ITV3)

One show that does hit our screens soon, on Wednesday in fact is Big Brother. I’m pretty glad that I’m going to be days away from civilisation so I don’t have to put up with the first show and the meedja circus that follows. But saying that it does get a bit slow in work so I think alot of the TVs in here will always have it on. Can’t argue with the boss.

And finally. For those that have nothing to do in work and bored of reading the same old news, the BBC now has it’s very own weird news section. Also in the news can be found in the BBC News section under Entertainment in the list of categories on the left side bar. I only found this today, so Im going to kill the next 30 minutes by reading some good news.

One last thing. While discussing 80’s Childrens Shows on Facebook yesterday I went to youtube the old theme tune to Cities of Gold – by far the best 80s kids theme tune – when I came across this gem. Anyone remember watching this a year or two ago?

“It’s time for us all to go now. But don’t forget to get your twanger’s out and play with your balls.”


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