A penny for your thoughts

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Today I spotted a tattoo on some mans arm. This gentleman had quite a few tattoos on his arm, but there was one that stuck out.
Just to paint the picture a little more, this gentleman was in about his late 40’s, stocky but not fat. He had a shaved head but not bald. He looked liked the kind of guy that I wouldnt of been surprised to of seen on a Friday night out, stood outside the local bar wearing just black and asking to see everyones ID.

Now that tattoo this guy had was quite surprising. It was of a fish. Not just any fish. Not a dolphin or shark, but a goldfish.
The thing was it wasn’t a life like goldfish. It looked like it had been copied out of a school science text book which first circa’d in the early 70’s.

Now what would posses a man of this stature, to get a old text book style goldfish tattoos right next to his tattoo of a giant bulldog/Union Jack combo?

I couldn’t think of an answer. If there are any people out there with goldfish tattoos, please let me know your thoughts.

One more thing. One of my favourite daily reads is The Onion. I read in this morning’s Metro an article that wouldn’t of gone a miss out of The Onion’s satire pages.
The article was about Facebooks security scare and some down time it had the other evening.

Facebook users worldwide had a cyber shock when the social network website crashed. Problems affected it for 90 minutes with the site completely at a standstill for a time.
One office worker said: ‘Arrggh… what to do without Facebook? I’ll have to do some work instead.’

Now, I’m not too sure if this is a joke. Or whether the reporter did actually ask an office worker there thoughts?


How to make a new beginning bloginning

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Where to start?

 Well seeing as I want to keep a bit of privacy there isn’t much I can say.

Not the best of starts, but the first entry never is.

This isn’t my first attempt at blogging. There are other blogs I have, that I’m not happy with, just due to certain factors, ie layouts, access to features, and hoping that this place will be a bit better.

Lets see how it goes.

I have a Monopoly Pub Crawl this weekend. So hopefully my next entry will be a little better.

But lets wait and see…

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