Office work space

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Some photos of my office work space.

The World seems so peaceful in the morning. Continue Reading Office work space…


The next time…

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The BBC website’s main story is about the awful weather. I wasn’t sure or not whether to chance the weather and make a dash for my regular sandwich shop? Continue Reading The next time……

Bah humbug

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Ok, I know it’s Christmas Eve, but I am in work.

In my defence I have the rest of the week off. I won’t be getting paid for my days off – I will miss a weeks pay during the period of time in the year that I spend the most money. Plus my employer has said I only have to work half a day and they will put in whole days pay. So I thought why not?

So in work and we have the radio on. The station are doing something nice and handing out £500 to people who are at work on Christmas Eve and Day. Aswell as sending some treats over to their work for all their colleagues to enjoy.
Just as the DJ asks the lucky new owner of £500 what his plans were with the money – I was now interested in this little telephone bit – one of the other two persons in the office gets up and does some photocopying and drowns out the the sound of the station with the photocopying mcahine.

Now I’ll never know what the guy planned to do with his money!

Not only am I annoyed by that. But also who comes in to work on Christmas Eve to do h’actual work? (Except Santa of course)

Merry Christmas dudes and dudettes.

And I hope you have a Neat New Year too!

(PS for those also stuck in the office today, check out this humorous post from Bettys blog)

The Void

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Or “Just. Feed. Me. Damn it”

Well my new job can get quite at times. The reasons for this are that I’ve not been shown the proverbial ropes. The office has like 6 people in it at most, at any given time. And there just isn’t much to do.
But the guy who is suppose to be training me has to do what little work there is, which leaves me with……


I have so much free time that within a few days my Google Reader has shot from 99+ down to zero. I’m on top of my blogs and news. So much so I’ve added a few new ones.
But sometimes it gets a little quite. And I’ll check google and nothing. Sometimes I am even first to comment.

I’m getting so quick sometimes that I feel if I concentrate hard enough I will be able to comment on a entry that hasn’t even been submitted yet…

do you think they could put me in season 2 of Heroes?

The Never Ending Story

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Or “The feeling you get while waiting around for the Karma Police.”

It’s been a while. A lot has happened. Christmas is nearly upon us. I know this as those festive adverts are making an appearance on TV’s which signal that Yultide Time is upon us. Of course I am talking about the Drink Driving campaigns – remember kids, don’t do it.
Also Santa and his little elves have descended in to shopping malls and placed giant grottos in everyones way. Of course I now know that these grottos are actually fronts for some sort of money laundering business. Or at least a criminal gang. The obvious signs for this are the elves sat outside the grotto. No longer are they inside giving away presents for free, but now they sit outside taking money from adults – and more importantly children.
Also I was up North recently having an early Christmas and opening some early Christmas presents. But I wont go to much in to that for fear of kicking off a revolt and upsetting some people who might be jealous.

In other news I started a new job. It’s all happened very, very, quick. I got a call from an agency on Tuesday – I haven’t been job hunting, this one looked for me. They sent me some details by email and I said it looked good. It wan’t much further from where I am no. Same travel cost’s. But more pay.
Then on Thursday I got a call from the agency saying that the employers loved my CV and wanted me to start immediately. I of course was shocked as I am customed to interviews, the waiting process. Thinking have or have I not got it? And then a little while after giving up finding out I do have the job.
I had my first day today. It seems like a decent place. The job looks pretty straight forward. Its basically like filing, but on a massive scale. The office is pretty laid back. This may be due to the fact that the office is being shut down in a few months time, which maybe a reason as to why I thought the wage was a bit too much for the role.
But I had to also let my previous employer know that I was leaving immediately. It was something I have never done. Normally I give employers more then enough notice. Like months notice. So it was a bit weird phoning up and saying that I wont be in again after promising a weeks notice.
Now I’m just waiting for the Karma Police to come and read me my rights.

The Sandwich

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“Or How to make halfs seem filling.”

So I have found my favourite sandwich shop to visit on my lunch. It’s a nice shop with a lot of selection. Not too much. Just that perfect amount of selection that doesn’t fry my brain, allows me to take in all the different choices and I think my sandwich selection rotation has upped from three different fillings to a rota of five.

All good.

The problem is it is a little far away. Two-thirds of my lunch is spent walking to and from the deli shop. Another slight problem I have is the cost. It just seems to be random prices I get. This may be because I ask for strange fillings (ie chicken mayo with cheese & salad, or cream cheese, egg mayo and tomato).

B ut the other day I thought I had hit on a winner. I got a ham, cheese and mayo roll. It was cheap, less then £2. Then when I started eating my first half I noticed that they had put in a lot of filling. This was a very full and filling sandwich. I was rather surprised at the low price.
So I eagerly tucked in to the second half of the roll and was immediately shocked to notice that it had hardly anything in. A small piece of cheese and a slice of ham. But mostly just butter and mayo.

This hasn’t put me off visiting this sandwich shop. It’s still my favoured deli.

But you can’t judge a sandwich after only eating half of it. 

Emtpying the cupboards

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Or “How I like to get a hole bunch of things of my chest.”

Work is going OK. Last week we spent most of the time training on home to be insurance claims advisors. The plan was for everyone to go in to training. a few people would be given more responsibilty and have more training as personal advisors and the majority of people, including myself, would be given just basic call centre-esque jobs.
The last day of training didn’t go too well. After training for two hours we took a break and one of the girls had nticed she had voicemail. It turns out it was a message off her agency from the day before letting her know that she was not needed at the office anymore. Which shocked everyone.
Then we done some tests to see how much people had learnt. The call handlers went first and I was pretty pleased that I got to go second and get the test out of the way. Then all the personal advisors went in. After everyone had finished their tests we all met up to se who would be working in which group. One of the trainees was asked by the manager to see their agency. At first we thought that another person had been sacked. But then he came back with his timesheet. And then a little later he did dissappear and we found out he had been asked to leav as he hadnt picked up the training well. Which shocked people even more.
Finally we were told who would be claims advisors and who would be call handlers. To my surprise I was asked to be taken from call handling to a claims advisor. Well I wasn’t too surprised as the people who were originally listed to be claims advisors had been sacked or didnt seem to grasp things too well.
So it means a bit more responsibilty. A slight and gradual pay rise. So there is now a bit more reason for me to stay at this job and not job hunt further, while we wait to move to Spain.

Then on my way home on Friday, while on the bus I spotted many large groups of young children in fancy dress Trick or Treating. Has someone moved Halloween forward?
When I was a kid we always Trick or Treated on the 31stof October. I remember a few years later that some children done Trick or Treating a few days before Halloween. But to go Trick or Treating ovewr two weeks before Halloween is just a bit stupid.

And I’m still loving Radiohead’s In Rainbows, other then some podcasts – including the fantastic and always very funny BBC 6 Music Russell Howard show – the album is the only thing I am listening to at the moment. If you still haven’t downloaded the album you can still do so and choose your own price.

And it’s all good news for my Wii and DS. After abandoning them for some time I’m pretty excited about a few games coming out for Nintendo, especially Zelda DS and Metroid Prime 3. So things could get a little quite round here for a bit.

And final news, me the missus were over in Camden at the weekend. Celebrating Button Down Discos 5th birthday bash over at Koko. Not only that but we got guest list free entry (which is so much more better then regualr guest list). And with our special arm bands we got in to VIP areas, like past security and to the DJ booth so I could say a Happy Birthday to the the DJ and access to VIP toilets. The missus told me they weren’t real VIP toilets, they were regualr single cubicles that were away from all the crowds. It could be a very very long time the next time I get chance to be VIP’d at Koko – or any other club – so I was pretty impressed and thankful of the hosts kindness.
But the one of the biggest shocks/surprises of the night was seeing Koko for the first time. That place is huge. And I’d hate to lose friends in their as they would stay well and truely lost.
But I should have more about this soon, and perhaps with some fancy photos.

Anyways, I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend

Nice help

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Or “The feeling you have when you resolve important things fast.”

I know I was going to make a post about underwear, but I received an email yesterday that trumps the underwear post. I will get round to that though.

When I went for the interview for my new job I was asked to give references. I got a call from the agency later that day asking for a character reference. After speaking with my mum for a bit for someone who fits the description I handed over some details the agency could call to get a character reference for me. This happened to be my aunt.
My mum sent me a copy of the reference to me so I could see what had been written.

How / in what capacity is the individual known to you?
My stupid sister’s idiotic son.

How long has the individual been known to you?
Far too long.

Please outline areas of:

Robert is able to lift a pint glass from the bar, he also has the ability to be the first at the buffet table even when not yet opened.
Robert tends to abuse company trust, he will access the internet in work time, he will also post unclassified [sic] information onto youtube.
Please provide brief comments regarding character, including the individual’s honesty and integrity:
Robert has no honesty or intergrity, he tends to blame his faults on the person sitting next to him and then hopes they will get the sack and not him.
Are you aware of any reason why this individual might not be suitable for employment?
For all reasons under the sun you should steer cleer of this lying deceitful selfish person, who is not fit for any jobs even if it entails emptying your trash can.
Any additional information:
Robert will only work if the job entails to go on the internet, you tube and have a pint in in his hand, but please can relay this application as a good one to Robert as I want him to babysit for me next week.

As far as I know I still have a job, perhaps the agency have not looked at the reference.

In other great news. I have found three potential deli sandwich shops. The hard part of the new job is over. Finding a good sandwich shop is something that has taken me up to a few months in some jobs. Lucky for me I have found three potential sandwich shops all on one street on day one.
I’ll have more on these later.

One more thing, while looking around for sandwich shops I came across a pub that has a fantastic competion. Nope not kareoke. But table top football.
During 21st October to 26th there is a table top football (or foosball) tournement. I think I have a chance. A few years back, one office I was working in had a foosball table in the canteen and for about 2 years I played foosball nearly every break.
Any people fancying taking part or even wanting to be my cheerleaders, then youll need to go to the Tom Foolery Pub in Bromley on those dates. Look it up on yell if you don’t know where it is.
Wish me luck!

The new beginning

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Or “Don’t you hate it when you find what you want under your nose but then dont like it.”

So I had my first day at my new job. First impression’s aren’t good. This job looks like it offers no such hope of job satisfaction. (If there is any it’s pretty hard to find) But in respect that I have plans to be out of the country within months I suppose the job is ok to see me over.
Bonus points for the job are complete lack of any responsibilty, it is within 15 minutes bus journey of where I live and although the pay is lower the cost of travel is much much lower so it works out I will probably have more money after bills here.
Although I do have another job interview on Friday and despite being in the city and meaning I have to spend four times as much travel as my current job I may put a bit of hop in my step when I go for the interview. Fingers crossed the office atmosphere is better and the job looks a little mroe challenging.

Although there are some downsides to the new job. Finding a new sandwich shop. This could take a while as the town the job is in (Bromley) is the place where me and the missus go to do almost all are shopping and I havent seen a good sandwich shop since being here. Although I haven’t looked.
And secondly, all the podcasts I regualarly download and listen to on the way to work will now cause some problems. This is because the podcasts last anything from 20 to 40 minutes, which is of course more then the time it takes fo me to get to work.

Anyway thats me, and this next bit is just so I remember what to type in tomorrows (or my next) blog: underwear

For the interested

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OK, it seems that a few of you are more then interested in the reason for my new found unemployability.

It goes something like this, and cha0tic, no animals were harmed in the sacking of me.

There is a new game coming out for the Xbox360 called Halo3. People had been talking about their new commecrial. So I had a look at one of the websites that my (at that time) work used to view commercials. The new Halo3 advert was on there. I was pretty impressed about how good the advert was, it wasn’t you normal advert showing loads of big guns and fast cars.

So I felt like showing a few people the advert, so I posted it on youtube a day before it was due to start broadcasting. But being on youtube a few too many people found it and the agency seen it and had words.

Ultimately it was a stupid mistake. I didn’t realise that Microsoft had some big deal going on with this advert (I’ve only owned Nintendo consoles so don’t know too much about other consoles big deals).
It was all my fault of course, I shouldnt of posted the advert online having used works websites. But Microsoft didnt help by putting loads of pressure on work and asing for compensation air time.

So that was it.

And for those that want to see the advert in question

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