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Well the last 24 hours have been a bit of a roller-coaster. My emotions at the moment seem a little bit on a knife edge. But one thing at a time, lets start with the easiest. And I need cheering up.

The impromptu free Radiohead gig that I mentioned yesterday and asked someone to be me a solid for…seeing as I got no offers I went myself.

I made an excuse and left work, told them that I wouldn’t be long.
Knowing what Radiohead fans are like I was expecting the queue to be around the corner within the hour of Jonny making the post on their blog. So after an hour and thirty minutes trying to weigh out the pros and cons of going I decided to take a look at the queue.
After getting off at Aldgate, getting lost walking past many Universities I kept getting the feeling that my journey would be wasted.
And the journey felt even longer as I got on Brick Lane and couldn’t find the venue. It said 91, but 91 looked like a sofa warehouse. So after checking out a few maps and a bit of luck at spotting a sign I found the record store.

And I was in for a shock when I saw the queue.
I had arrived at about 12.30. 2 hours after the word got out and there was just around 50 people there. How could I not queue up?
Next I had to figure out what to do for the next 7 hours?

Lucky for me a few other single Radiohead fans arrived just after me so it wasn’t long we all got to talking about life, work, hobbies and of course Radiohead. There was even hope of killing time with a crossword, except Random Dan had mistakenly thought there was a puzzle in when their wasn’t. Damnit Dan (this is a joke that only me and three other people who I will never see again will get)

Just a quick note, had it not been for the three randoms who I put my trust in when I went for toilet/food/drink breaks I wouldn’t of made, Thanks Random Guys.

Things started to get a bit busy at 5ish. I was getting worried as the queue infront of me seemed to be getting wider and places were very limited, turns out there was only 176 wristbands to hand out. At 6 they started to give out wrist bands. After a nervous wait of about 20/30 minutes the bouncers finally got to me and handed me my wrist band (number 047 out of 176). It was at this point that I started to breath properly and began to relax. It had been 5 hours, only another 2 more hours to go.

Alot of people then started to turn up. It began to get a little messy. I was just pleased that I had already got my wrist band and had my way in. But more and more people kept turning up. We People start to gatherwould later find out that the police had some concerns and the venue was to be moved because of concerns over the crowd and the venue not hold many people. Some people estimated that there were over 15o0 fans crowded outside the shop.
Even a media circus turned up. I got interviewed for Sky News. Which I later thought was a bad idea as I had told a little white lie to my boss to leave. I hope he doesn’t watch the news. I’ve even spotted myself waiting in line on the BBC video report. (Can you spot me?/Will I get away with it?)

So the gig was put back by 2 hours and moved down the road. Only a few hours extra, there was no way I was turning back now.

Finally in 93 Feet East another two queues 40 more minute of waiting. Peoples feet were aching, patience was running low the temperature had really dropped, which was hard for those that had rushed out without  although we did get to see the band as they walked through the beer garden from the car park.

Eventually at 22.20, two hours twenty minutes later then planned – beat that Winehouse – the band all appeared. All the crowd forgot about the last 10 hours and started to cheer.
The sound and acoustics of the venue sounded so different from anything else I have heard Radiohead play. Especially as the whole stage had been set up in about 2 hours. It was just like they were saying “hey yous guys, come listen to this really quick, but we have to leave soon.”
They played all their In Rainbows album. Some hits and misses, it wasn’t flawless but it was fantastic. The usual suspects stood out amongst the rest, 15 Step, Video Tape, Jigsaw and my favourite Reckoner. It was just Radiohead and less then 200 other people. And me.

The encore was just as good, if not better. Thoms solo with Up on a Ladder. Colin making the crowd laugh during Thom “having a serious moment,” and Thom checking Jonny was ok on You and Whose Army.
But I think the major crowd pleases were the two tracks from The Bends, My Iron Lung and The Bends which showed that Radiohead can still thrash out those guitars rock stylee.

All in all I had a great time. A long wait, but the gig was well worth it.
It wasn’t their most perfect or possibly even greatest performance but it will be one of their most historic gigs as the band are at their peak.
For those 176+ people and myself that got to see this intimate gig it will certainly be the most memorable Radiohead gig ever.

BB/C _6 M usic /Revi_ ew
A ll Yo_utub/e V i deo_ L/inks
A f ew b lur_ry p_hot os I to/ok


Who wants to do me a solid?

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Anyone in London want to do me a favour?

If your hanging around Bricklane at lunch do you mind queuing up at Rough Trade Shop for a few hours?

I promise there will be chances for toilet breaks and food offered out too. And when I have finished work and arrive I’ll let you go.

I will reward you handsomely. Your shout.

The Late Night

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Or “I bet Adam had something to do with this.”

Last night I spent a whole 3 hours sat in front of the laptop watching Radioheads webcast.

It was great to see some live performences, see some DJing from the guys and various other clips – accoustic Faust Arp on the hill was great, imagine stumbling across that being played while you took a walk along the local common!

But the greatest 2 minutes of the webcast is owned by this genius clip, enjoy.

I’m currently trying to figure out how to get this youtube clip to work as my ring tone. If I make this work I may put an application forward to become some kind of God. In a third World country. Somewhere were I wouldn’t do too much damage.

Emtpying the cupboards

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Or “How I like to get a hole bunch of things of my chest.”

Work is going OK. Last week we spent most of the time training on home to be insurance claims advisors. The plan was for everyone to go in to training. a few people would be given more responsibilty and have more training as personal advisors and the majority of people, including myself, would be given just basic call centre-esque jobs.
The last day of training didn’t go too well. After training for two hours we took a break and one of the girls had nticed she had voicemail. It turns out it was a message off her agency from the day before letting her know that she was not needed at the office anymore. Which shocked everyone.
Then we done some tests to see how much people had learnt. The call handlers went first and I was pretty pleased that I got to go second and get the test out of the way. Then all the personal advisors went in. After everyone had finished their tests we all met up to se who would be working in which group. One of the trainees was asked by the manager to see their agency. At first we thought that another person had been sacked. But then he came back with his timesheet. And then a little later he did dissappear and we found out he had been asked to leav as he hadnt picked up the training well. Which shocked people even more.
Finally we were told who would be claims advisors and who would be call handlers. To my surprise I was asked to be taken from call handling to a claims advisor. Well I wasn’t too surprised as the people who were originally listed to be claims advisors had been sacked or didnt seem to grasp things too well.
So it means a bit more responsibilty. A slight and gradual pay rise. So there is now a bit more reason for me to stay at this job and not job hunt further, while we wait to move to Spain.

Then on my way home on Friday, while on the bus I spotted many large groups of young children in fancy dress Trick or Treating. Has someone moved Halloween forward?
When I was a kid we always Trick or Treated on the 31stof October. I remember a few years later that some children done Trick or Treating a few days before Halloween. But to go Trick or Treating ovewr two weeks before Halloween is just a bit stupid.

And I’m still loving Radiohead’s In Rainbows, other then some podcasts – including the fantastic and always very funny BBC 6 Music Russell Howard show – the album is the only thing I am listening to at the moment. If you still haven’t downloaded the album you can still do so and choose your own price.

And it’s all good news for my Wii and DS. After abandoning them for some time I’m pretty excited about a few games coming out for Nintendo, especially Zelda DS and Metroid Prime 3. So things could get a little quite round here for a bit.

And final news, me the missus were over in Camden at the weekend. Celebrating Button Down Discos 5th birthday bash over at Koko. Not only that but we got guest list free entry (which is so much more better then regualr guest list). And with our special arm bands we got in to VIP areas, like past security and to the DJ booth so I could say a Happy Birthday to the the DJ and access to VIP toilets. The missus told me they weren’t real VIP toilets, they were regualr single cubicles that were away from all the crowds. It could be a very very long time the next time I get chance to be VIP’d at Koko – or any other club – so I was pretty impressed and thankful of the hosts kindness.
But the one of the biggest shocks/surprises of the night was seeing Koko for the first time. That place is huge. And I’d hate to lose friends in their as they would stay well and truely lost.
But I should have more about this soon, and perhaps with some fancy photos.

Anyways, I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend

In (more) Rainbows

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1. Make it great.

It’s time to ‘fess up here. Prince doesn’t work for me because I just don’t feel the funk and, in my humble emo opinion, Radiohead are just about the best band on this little planet. Although caricatured as depressive shoe-gazers on downers, they are in fact musical, melodic and experimental with an immaculate grip on ear-bleed rock, twitchy dance and delicate ballad all at once. If something’s truly great – a shoe, a phone, a band – then marketing it, or unmarketing it, becomes a whole lot easier. Source @ Guardian.

So, this morning at about 7am (BST) I logged on to my PC and was happy to see that Radiohead’s In Rainbows was available to download. And download it I did.
This was the second/third Radiohead album I have downloaded – the previous one being the twin albums of Kid A and Amnesiac which were leaked early.
But this time round the download was much much faster then my old dial up connection – I think this album took as long to download in its entirety then one song from years back.

I havent had chance to listen to it much, due to being at work, but as I type I am at about 1.5 times through listening. But I already love it.

I’ve been a huge fan of Radioheads later stuff, Kid A is my favourite all time album, but In Rainbows is up there with Kid A for me.

For those that haven’t bought the new album yet – how could you not pre-order it with such a great pricing idea, or for those that have listened to it, here are my thoughts;
(PS its hard to rate an album when some of the songs have been hanging around and beng played for almost a decade. Fo’ real)

15 Step – I have to admit, when I first started playing this I thought there was a problem with the file. After a while and checking other tracks I realised¬† his was the sound created. The drums werent as base-y as the live versions. But I’ve loved this song since I first heard it. Always trying to find different live versions played and the studio version is as sweet as the rest. And the “Hey/Yeah” kids are sweet.

Bodysnatchers – While listening to this I thought that maybe this would be the one the missus skips – she isn’t a Radiohead fan. But once it calms down and thrashing guitars and shouting stop it sounds like a great song that she may like.

Nude – It’s an oldie. A real oldie. It was billed as being on every album since OK Computer – thats almost three quaters of their albums this song was supposed to be on. Its finally a released, a sigh of relief all round, it’s out. But the only difference I feel between this version and almost all others is the addition of the drum beat.

Weird Fishes/Arpeggi – I didn’t really hear the lyrics on the versions I’ve heard, but love the ‘Weird Fishes’ lyric. I like the new arangements and that they’ve upped the tempo and the added drum beats at the beginning.

All I Need – One I havent heard before. But sounds like it has a bit of everything. A bit of funk bass line, some hiphop drums and a very drifting feel to it. And a great crescendo at the end.

Faust Arp – Great song. Never heard it before. But can’t stop thinking it sounds like a Mighty Boosh song. A bit of a Simon and Garfunkel-esque song.
Reckoner – This sounds beautiful. Fricken aces. The lyrics sound floaty, and the mix of gentle guitar and high pitched drums, makes it almsot dreamy.

House Of Cards – Sounds almost exactly the same as the many many downloads/vidoes floating on the net.

Jigsaw Falling Into Place – Nice name. I like the choice of mixing the accoustic guitar with the heavy bass throughout. Some how though Thoms voice sounds like it is recorded seperate of all else. There were times when I thought this song was going to explode in to madness, ala the live versions, but it seems all controlled in the end.

Videotape – I never really got Videotape the first time round. But hearing it live at V a few years back changed all that and loved it since. I loved the lyrics and how the drums came in half way through. I’ve looked forward to hearing how they would recreate this in the studio. The choice of drum machine/tempo/little rummbling noise thing is something else. After a while I was getting a little revved up for the big ol’ “CH-CH-CH CH-CH-CH,” it never appeared. But the song still remains dreamy.

Do you have the album? What are your thoughts?

Im on about my 4th or 5th listen now. I need to get off soon otherwise the missus will think I have abandoned her.
Well one more listen won’t hurt.

If you want a real review go read the Times.

In Rainbows

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Or “It’s up to you. It really is up to you.”

In Rainbows

Finally the wait is over. Well I have 10 more days, but I have waited a few years for this so what’s an extra few days.
Radiohead have finally announced their new album will be out.

News conference

Go order it. (Here)

Much may be made of the new album as Radiohead currently have no record deal, so basically everything they do is on their own. They make it themselves, sell it themselves, you wont find this record anywhere else other then if you ask them really nicely.
If you follow music you may here ALOT about this new form of marketting. There are already some articles popping up about this and here too. Why have record labels and pay the middle man, when you can have the freedom to do everything you want and have it your way. Will a trend start?
This new marketting also includes the fantastic offer on the downloads. If you chose to download Radioheads new album, which is released October the 10th, then you can download it at any price you feel like giving. You can get it for free if you so wish. the price is up to you.

It really is up to you.

Even if you just like Radiohead and aren’t the biggest fan, you can still get the album for free, (but I know you will want to offer some sort of donation), so go pre-order now. DAMNIT

At the moment I am very happy.

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