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Or “How to get by on history”

So more CV sending in done today. Although I have been for two interviews, only with agencies. Both look like goo dthings could come of them. One more then the other.

Having sent off my CV quite alot recently I have had a few comments about it. One or two people have spoke about the long list of temporary jobs I have had. Some have commented on good of a CV I have – in relation to the jobs I have applied for.
But I got my best compliment about my CV today. Having been in to see one agency the consultant turns to me at the end and says

You have a really good CV. It’s really well formatted. Alot of the CVs I get in are hard to edit because of the layout. But your CV is really well formatted.

Thanks šŸ™‚

So fingers crossed.

In other news. I have been listening to the Klaxons album today. I commented on a few blogs a few weeks back that I felt the Klaxons shouldn’t have won the Mercury Music Prize. Although my point couldn’t of been that strong as I hadn’t heard the whole album, just the singles. But based on what I had heard it hadn’t made me want to go out and buy the album. The Mercury Prize could of gone to someone better, say perhaps Winehouse.
So today I’ve been listening to the album and I can confidently say that my view still stands. Klaxons should not of won the Mercury Music Prize. Not to say that the album is bad. Its ok. But if the best album of last year that the UK churned out was this then we had better do better next year.

Although PJ Harvey has just released a new album, White Chalk, which I picked up today. I listened to half of it, wrestled with my thoughts and gave in to the idea of stop listening to the album so I can quickly put it on my mp3 player and get back to listening to it.
Although I know that PJ Harvey won’t win next year already. She won it about 5 years ago with the fantastic Stories of the City, Stories of the Sea. If you haven’t heard it then go pick it up. You should be able to get it on the cheap now. Also it would be her fourth album nominated and as we know bands that have multiple nominations hardly ever win.
Which is why Radiohead won’t win, despite the fact that I already know that the album will be genius. If you don’t believe me check out Videotape and 15 Step over on youtube. It’s probably the album I’ve waited longest to hear and the album I’ve been most anticipating, ever, period. I first commented on waiting to hear the new album back in 1995 2005 after hearing a few new tracks.

But one artist I do have high hopes for next year is Adele, check out her myspace page. Fantastic singer, song writer all in all some really good songs. As long as she doesn’t turn in to a big gob, Lily Allen Im looking at you, then she should be one for the future.


For the interested

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OK, it seems that a few of you are more then interested in the reason for my new found unemployability.

It goes something like this, and cha0tic, no animals were harmed in the sacking of me.

There is a new game coming out for the Xbox360 called Halo3. People had been talking about their new commecrial. So I had a look at one of the websites that my (at that time) work used to view commercials. The new Halo3 advert was on there. I was pretty impressed about how good the advert was, it wasn’t you normal advert showing loads of big guns and fast cars.

So I felt like showing a few people the advert, so I posted it on youtube a day before it was due to start broadcasting. But being on youtube a few too many people found it and the agency seen it and had words.

Ultimately it was a stupid mistake. I didn’t realise that Microsoft had some big deal going on with this advert (I’ve only owned Nintendo consoles so don’t know too much about other consoles big deals).
It was all my fault of course, I shouldnt of posted the advert online having used works websites. But Microsoft didnt help by putting loads of pressure on work and asing for compensation air time.

So that was it.

And for those that want to see the advert in question

What harm is a little white lie?

Wednesday 26 September at 1411 | Posted in Life, London, Personal, Work | 10 Comments

Well it’s been almost a week. Things could be going better.

You’d think with nothing much to do I would be able to spend more time on here and keeping up to date on people’s blogs.Ā  But most of my online time has been spent job hunting. And after a while it gets a bit exhaustive so I have to recover by doing anything at all that isn’t sitting on the internet.

So like I was saying, things could be better. After finishing work Thursday I spent the evening sending off my CV. I got a few calls back on Friday and rushed in to The City to see a few agencies.

Funny story, while at one agency and going though an assessment with two other people I was asked which of the many Ā£6.50ph jobs I would prefer. The only difference between the many jobs being offered at this large call centre was the working hours. They ranged from 7am till 3. 3pm till 11. 11am till 7. and some random half day ones. So after being honest and telling the recruitment consultant that none of them where suitable he then goes to offer some hidden option c. A 9 to 5, Ā£19,500 job.

The weekend was spent entertaining my mother and sister. A good night was had by all. I spent a little time Sunday researching for the Hidden Option C job.

Monday I sent off my CV to a whole bunch more places. I went for interview one at Hidden Option C. Things could of gone better. I got soaked. Forgot my bus pass. Had to run home to pick up pass (and put on some dry pants) and rushed back out so not to waist too much time. Their where queues on the road while heading to the train station. The trains where running slow. Victoria underground was a little overcrowded as one of the entrances had to be closed due to flooding. I managed to get to the interview with a few monites to spare.
The interviewer on the other hand kept me waiting for an hour and half. That certainly wasn’t a fun time sitting around a recpetion.

Have you ever sat in a reception area waiting for a long time for an interview and thought, “should I just go?” I felt like that after waiting 20 minutes. But once that passed I thought about many things, like should I just go to sleep? Will I dry by time the interviewer arrives? Is this receptionist as as snotty when out of work then she is in work?

During the interview I figured I would be honest. I explained that I had been dismissed from my previous job. I figured it was easy to do that then trying to think up a lie to explain why I was no longer in work. They said they would get back to me.

Tuesday was pretty quiet. Sent my CV off even more. I had no phone calls. It was very quiet.

Today hasn’t been any different. More CVs sent off. No calls as yet. I can’t find any more jobs to apply for that I already haven’t applied for on the sites that I use.

My mornings seem to have gotten in to a routine. Spend an hour or so applying for jobs on websites. Then sit back and hear nothing back.

I did call the agency about Secret Option C job as it had been a while. They told me that they had a problem with me being dismissed from my previous job so wouldn’t be taking my application further.

So should I lie in interviews about my last job? The HR department of my last job have said they will not say why I left, only that I worked those dates.
So what’s a little white lie to get me through interviews?

Balls to that

Thursday 20 September at 1953 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, London, Personal, Work | 15 Comments

I screwed up. I fucked up royally at work.

One stupid stupid mistake. Common sense took a five minute break.

And now I am on the job hunt.


Where to now?

Wednesday 12 September at 1402 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, London, Personal | 6 Comments

I think I am going to have to get a map of my hair.
Or at least some sort of blueprint.

I remember as a kid my hair was always straight. It never deviated from that route. Ok sometimes it was up. (This was during my period of watching too many Van Damme movies.)

I’ve just been to the hairdressers next door. When the hairlady got to cutting my hair she asked “what side do you part your hair?”
So I tell her to the left.

Then she gets about cutting it. Starts blow drying. Roughing it all up.

She shows me the front. Then moves to the back and says “what I’ve done I’ve cut it to the right so it sweeps to the right.”

So I’ve got the front to the left. The back the right. The middle somewhere inbetween. I should be taking notes.

PS Everyone should go out and buy Kanye Wests album. Just to put Fiddy in his place and force him to quit music.
According to early sales, Kanye is winning on both sides of the pond.

Oh no she didn’t

Tuesday 11 September at 1425 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, London, Personal, Rants | 13 Comments

There has been alot of news about Spears rather lack-lustre comeback performance on the MTV awards the other night.

A few things that I have had problems with is been reports that spears was out of shape and looking fat.

Now from the clips that I have seen, I can’t defend her performance. It did look like it lacked energy. But Spears did not in anyway look fat. Now – I’m putting my neck on the line saying this as the other half will be reading – but spears body looked really good.

Anyone who thought that Spears looked fat seriously needs their heads checked. And it’s horrible that this kind of ‘journalism’ is put on the front covers of magazines, web and TV that really winds me up, saying how women should look.

I mean if Spears is getting ‘fat’ remarks for how she looks then this is going to affect alot of society. Its all too ridiculous really.

Also, regarding Spears.Ā Sarah Silverman – I havent a clue who she is eitherĀ – taking a swipe at Spears kids was uncalled for. I don’t see why some ‘comedians’ have to make fun of people just to be popular. But to make fun of children is just low. I do hope the Karma Police come out and get her.
From Paris Hilton’s face in the video I’m guessing that Sarah Silverman’s comedic abilities are to take swipes at easy targets. And to do it badly too. I hope she goes away quick.
(Also her performance on the MTV Video Music awards was worse then Spears. I could only hear sympathetic laughs for most of the show. I’m so glad that I don’t watch wathc MTV/VH1 all the time, otherwise it would just be abother media outlet that I would get frickin motherhubard annoyed at all the time.)

I do have some positive points about out media though boys and girls. It was good to read that some steps are being made to ban size zero models from the London Fasion Show. Its about frickin time is all I can say.

Normal non-hating-of-the-media service will return soon.

More on The Sunset Strip

Friday 07 September at 0850 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, Personal, Rants, TV | 2 Comments

I’m thinking of turning Friday’s in a weekly rant about why the frick would NBC want to cancel Studio 60?

It’s just. So. Damn. Good.

Those fools.

Although I have to say, why would a (comedy)drama series have a “To Be Continued…” storyline? It’s a series. It’s always “To Be Continued…”

I can understand why some situation comedys or situation dramas would have “To Be Continued…” storylines. But not a series. I wouldn’t expect Hollyoaks to have this kind of ending.

But this doesn’t take away from the fact Studio 60 is fantastic. And should be recommisioned. But why have a “To Be Continued…” storyline?

Ā To Be Continued…

For those pesky cyclist’s

Wednesday 05 September at 0830 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, Personal, Rants | 16 Comments

For all London cyclist’s out there. I want to introduce you to something.

The Zebra Crossing

From BBC’s h2g2;

Pedestrians have right of way over traffic once they are on the crossing. If the traffic does not stop, then you can carefully put one foot on the crossing. This means that the right of way is legally yours, and the traffic must stop so that you can cross.

Some cyclists feel they are above the law of the road. Jumping red lights, ignoring road signals and ignoring the zebra crossing. But I’d like to inform cyclists that;

Cyclists should remember that they are also bound by these rules.

Today on my way to work I was nearly knocked down at least three times by cyclists while crossing over different zebra crossing’s. But it wasn’t just me. A mother with her three school kids were nearly knocked down by a few zooming cyclist’s while all the cars at the crossing had stopped.

Damn you cyclists. Please, please, cyclists, just try not to run me down of a morning. I am getting a little annoyed at being almost run down.

Also before I go I would like to welcome back the fantastic Amy Winehouse. Not only did she appear at the Mercury Music Prize ceremony but she also performed. And performed fantastic.
Fingers crossed she stays on her best behaviour as I am really looking forward to seeing her in Brighton in a few weeks.

Although I am sorry that she missed out on winning the Mercury Music Prize. It was stolen from her. The Klaxons never deserved it.
I hope Mercury gets back to giving the award to more deserved artists again next year..

To work and back again

Monday 03 September at 1904 | Posted in Lifestyle, London, Personal, Rants, Work | 7 Comments

Well it’s been a good time great time.

I think it must of been aboutĀ gettingĀ onĀ 6 weeks now since school was out for summer. The bus journey in to work hasĀ been great during that time. Quiet. Relaxed. Most of all comfortable.

But that time has passed. Last week the school’s started to open again. This morning the kids are back in full force. As I reach the bus stop I can see a group already hanging out near the shop. Asking people to “buy us some fags.” A few minutes later more turn up. They push their way to the front of the line, no respect for anyone around them. The bus is already half full with kids talking loudly, playing annoying RnB music from their phones and just taking up general space.

What make’s this worse though is that all these kids that are on the us or boarding get off at the very first stop which is about a 60 second walk from where we are.

Why can’t they just walk there? Damn them!

Heading back home this evening there was a a man heading towards me on the path. He was a bit unkept. Long hair, beard, unwashed. He was waving about a large plastic labeless bottle, which I can only guess – hope – was cider – and not a mobile toilet.

I tried not to look directly at the man just incase this caused him to lay down the law to me about the powers that be. But this was hard as we were walking down the same path. As I got close to him I noticed that he was laughing quite hard. I got a little worried that he was laughing at me. I got a little paranoid and wondered why someone was laughing at me so much they had to try and hide it?
I was going to ask what was making him laugh so much but then I got a little worried that he might just be slightly insane.

I wish the homeless were a little more predictible.

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